Our 2019 Lenten Wednesday series will focus on the Eucharist. Each evening will begin at 6:30pm with a soup, salad, and bread supper, and then include a discussion of the different parts of the Eucharist. See the signup sheet in the Parish Hall to sign up to bring soup, salad, or bread.

  • March 13: Gather! We will look at the vestments worn at the Eucharist, as well as the general history of the rite. We will discuss the different roles in the service as well as the opening prayers.
  • March 20: Proclaim/Respond. We will discuss how Scripture reading and preaching became a part of the service, as well as the different parts of the Creed.
  • March 27: Prepare: As we set up for the Eucharist itself, we will explain the different vessels and linens involved in the rite, and talk about how and why we set the table.
  • April 3: Break and Bless: We will talk about the several different eucharistic prayers, the different theologies in them, and the parts of the eucharistic prayer.
  • April 10: Share and Go: We will finish our discussion of the Eucharist itself, and the closing of the service, including the final prayer. We will answer any last questions that remain from the series.