Cyber Choir Intro

CYBER CHOIR: Fall of 2021

(See our YouTube channel for evidence of the groups’s development and devotion last year, offering hymns and anthems from September through Pentecost.  This fall, we return to focus on vocal development, seasonal anthems and service music.  Contact Karen to participate!)


Basic Instructions to create vocal soundfiles:
  • You need a set of earbuds or headphones, and two devices (cell phone, iPad, tablet, lap top, PC).  
  • While listening to the accompaniment with headphones on one device, record yourself singing on a different device.
  • Record yourself on audio only, not video!
  • There is an introduction on the organ to set the tempo.
  •  Keep time with the organ and stay with the tempo; it may slow a bit at the very end.
  •  Take care that no organ sound gets recorded on your vocal track! 
  • Save your singing file  as a .WAV or an .AIFF (first choice) or  an .mp3 or .m4A file (second choice).
  • Please label your sound file with the Title or Hymn Number and Your First Name and email it to me.
  • Have fun and sing out!  (It’s easy to dial someone back in the mix if needed, but I cannot create sound that isn’t there.)
  • And please don’t be shy; you will be blended into the group. Every single voice has something to contribute in worship!


© KAHindenlang

Director of Music