Beginning Sunday, Feb. 16 @ 2pm, we will offer a weekly class for all who wish to be confirmed, be received officially into the Episcopal Church, make an adult affirmation of their baptism, or otherwise brush up on their Episcopalian knowledge. The class will be appropriate for all ages. Topics below; contact  Mtr. Megan for more details.

February 16: Introductions/ Stuff We Believe: Creed, Part 1 – How we got the Nicene Creed, how it changed over the years, what it means for us for us to say it.

February 23: Stuff We Believe: Creed, Part 2 – What is in the Creed, what’s not in there, what it all means

March 1: Bible 101 –  How the Bible was written (more or less), how the Bible has been read through the ages, how the Episcopal Church reads the Bible.

March 8: Bible 101 continued – What’s in the Bible, and how not to be intimidated by it.

March 15: Book of Common Prayer – What that prayer book is all about: how we got it and what we do with it.

March 22: Church History – Early Church Excitement, where Christianity came from, how our traditions and concepts developed

March 29: Church History: Anglican Awesomeness , emergence of the Anglican Communion and our particular corner of the globe

April 5: Palm Sunday—No Class
April 12: Easter—No Class

April 19: Who’s Who, and Who Decides What – How decisions get made in the Episcopal Church—locally, nationally, and globally.

April 26: Daily Faith in Practice- How average Episcopalians live out their faith in daily life, through prayer, service, Bible study, etc.

May 3: Wrap-Up/Left-Overs

Further Reading
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