Capital Campaign Visits

Campaign Volunteer Visitor are needed, so that every member of our St. John’s family can receive a visit! A visitor is someone willing and able to spend an hour in training, and to make brief (confidential) personal visits to other friends of the St. John’s family. You choose who you would like to visit.

Campaign visits are thoughtful, inspirational, and encouraging, and may involve:
  • Friends visiting friends for about an hour
  • Praying and reading scripture together
  • Fellowshipping with each other
  • Ministering to one another
  • Opportunities to create or strengthen bonds
  • Having a good time by bringing fun and joy
  • Discussing the needed renovations and improvements in programs
Please prayerfully consider serving as a Volunteer Visitor:
  • If you believe in the ministries, programs, service & outreach
  • If you enjoy fellowship with other Church Members
  • If you have God-given gifts to serve and lead (no fundraising experience necessary)
  • If you support great visionary projects (The future of St. John’s)
  • If you’re flexible in dealing with those of differing opinions
  • If you enjoy sharing information and loving your fellow members

If you are willing to volunteer or want more information, please call the church office at 607 273-6532