• The Rev. Megan Castellan, Rector
  • The Rev. A. Richard Strauss, Associate Priest
  • AnnMarie Hautaniemi, Parish Administrator
  • Karen A. Hindenlang, Director of Music / Organist
  • Chuck Merrill, Weekday Sexton

Wardens and Vestry for 2018


Michael Roman, Senior Warden (2019)

Pam Talbott, Junior Warden (2020)

Vestry Members

Wes Baum (2021)

Matthew Sanaker (2020)

KC Bennett Ryan (2019)

Lisa Tatusko (2019)

Muriel Everhart (2019)

Sara Van Looy (2020)

Jim Johnson (2021)

Cora Yao (2021)

Jamie Parris (2020)

Mary Arlin, Treasurer

The Vestry is the governing body of an Episcopal Church, representing the people of the parish. At St. John’s, our vestry is made up of nine parish members, the Senior Warden, and the Junior Warden, chosen at the Annual Parish Meeting held each January. Vestry members serve staggered three-year terms of office; each year, three vestry member terms expire and six terms continue. Warden terms are two years and are also staggered; every year, a Senior Warden retires, the Junior Warden becomes the Senior Warden, and a new Junior Warden is chosen. (members “graduate” January  of year in parentheses)

The Vestry is responsible for all church property and assets, approves the budget, and authorizes major expenditures. The Vestry calls the Rector, with the approval of the Bishop. The Rector hires and supervises all other Clergy and church staff, and has canonical responsibility for the liturgy and worship programs of the Parish.