1. Orientation: Be sure to orient your phone or computer in landscape (horizontal) mode, not portrait (vertical) mode.
  2. Avoid Back Lighting: Avoid having a window or light source behind you, to avoid looking silhouetted.
  3. Choose a complementary background without distractions.Try to avoid having something moving in your background.
  4. Keep the camera as still as possible: This is more of an issue for phones than for computers; if you don’t have some sort of tripod for your phone, use TWO hands to hold the phone steady, or lean your phone against a stack of books.
  5. As much as possible, look at the camera: if you are working from a script or other text, have it as close to the camera lens as possible to minimize looking away. On a computer, a not too wide text editor window at the top of the screen near the camera lens is serviceable. 
  6. Speak slowly and clearly

Please include your name and your reading’s book of the Bible in the name of your video file
If you need more help, feel free to text or call Mike Roman @ 607-342-4562

email Mtr. Megan for upload instructions



Instructions for making videos for Mac/iOS/Windows 10/Android


Use photo Booth or quickTime Player to record your video, See:

iPhone or iPad

iPhone/iPad Instructions