Over the past year we have seen seemingly endless images of long lines of people and cars queuing for food and other groceries. In the Philippines, a director of a feeding program said that many poor people “will tell you that they’re more afraid of dying from hunger than dying from Covid.” Internationally, a mind boggling 270 Million could face a hunger crisis due to the pandemic. God calls us to advocate for an end to hunger and poverty. Join faith communities in Ithaca and across the country in writing emails and letters to urge our representatives in Congress to pass legislative acts that reduce hunger in the U.S. and around the world.

To write your members of Congress:

Go to the Bread for the World website at www.bread.org
Scroll down to Offering of Letters to Congress
In the body of the email message make sure to include your Name, Address [Street, City, State, Zip Code], and Email address. This information will identify you as a constituent.

Personalize your message by writing one or two sentences about why you care about people struggling with hunger and poverty. Personalizing your message triggers an algorithm that directs your email to the “make sure to read” pile. Your email will automatically be sent to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, and Rep. Tom Reed.

If you are willing, email or text Cora or John to let us know that you wrote your members of Congress. When we meet with Congress representatives staff in the summer we want to be able to say to them, “Our church sent 20 emails and letters to your office advocating for the expansion of the Child Tax Credit and increasing U.S. leadership and funding for global nutrition programs.” That is a very helpful and powerful testimony.

Thank you for advocating for people struggling with hunger and poverty.