Scripture tells us over and over the importance of knowing and sharing the story of being a people of faith. Through the telling of these stories, we help others understand how we are connected to God, and learn about the faith journeys that brought each of us to where we are today.

One of the valuable things churches do during their transition time is take a good look at their corporate journey of faith, their “Spiritual Genealogy.” We will have an opportunity to review and learn from our spiritual heritage on

Sunday August 14, following the 10 a.m. service. A light lunch will be served; nursery care will be provided. We will start in the parish hall about [highlight]11:15[/highlight], and end by [highlight]1 pm.[/highlight]

We hope that every parishioner will come to this gathering to share his or her knowledge and hear the story of St. John’s. Rev. Barb has personally led spiritual genealogies several times, and she says that the ensuing conversations are quite remarkable. Both long-timers and newcomers will benefit from the time together. So please mark your calendar and plan to participate in this important part of the self- study/search process.