for Hospicare and Palliative Care Services of Tompkins County.  St. John’s members Amber Massa and Gwen Freeman will participate together for the fourth year as “Boaters” who provide support and safety for the women who swim across Cayuga Lake to raise funds for Hospicare.  As Boaters, they are also fundraising for this important community resource.  Your donations will “provide hospice care for people of any age with any terminal diagnosis.  Additionally, [your support] provides palliative care services in relief of pain, symptoms, and stress at any point in an illness.”  Please consider donating to this very important local resource.

Donations may be made in person to Amber or Gwen at church on Sunday, August 4th or you may go online to and click on the button “Support a Participant”.  Type in either of the women’s names and it will take you to the place to donate.  As Gwen can tell you from personal experience, hospice care supports not only the person with the terminal illness it also supports their loved ones.